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CaerVision Corporation has developed a new software product for its media network programming, and is now making this product available to current CaerVision customers.

CaerVision is offering current customers a free 30-day trial of the software, as well as a 70% discount off its suggested retail price! Impress your patients and build your business with this innovative educational marketing platform for only pennies a day.

Similar in scope to the existing patient education that is played through the television, the new software allows for programming to be displayed on a computer screen in any reception area or treatment room at a given practice. The programming that runs on-screen is comprised of patient education and marketing segments designed to repurpose a patient's idle waiting time into a learning experience.

The new software is easy to install. We will send you the installation instructions following registration and will assist with any questions. Once installed, the software will display your current playlist on the computer screen and, for an additional fee, can be displayed on multiple computer screens at a single office.

The free 30-day software trial offer expires July 31, 2012 so interested CaerVision customers should contact their CaerVision account manager today at 888.841.2237.

Additionally, current CaerVision customers can purchase the new software product for a one-time set-up fee of only $175 (valued at $575). You have the option to install the software on multiple screens for only $10 a month per additional screen. Interested customers are encouraged to contact their account manager for more information about the software.


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What is CaerVision?

CaerVision stands for a new Vision for Clinical Advancement Education Resources. CaerVision Corporation currently builds, owns and operates waiting-room and treatment room digital media systems. We provide customizable education and advertising information to patients in physician offices, employees in corporate centers, and customers in business locations.

What do we do?

CaerVision delivers customized health education programming to hundreds of physician offices in North America.

What is our mission?

At CaerVision our mission is to promote health and wellness knowledge. By informing patients and the public on services, procedures and advancements in healthcare fields, CaerVision wants to make a major, positive impact to improve the health of the society.

What do we offer?

CaerVision offers health professionals with the most relevant education programming, delivered through state-of-the-art IP TV platforms directly to each office. The programming is customized for each office and can be updated monthly so information is up-to-date and won't get stale. The programming includes a custom practice profile to provide patients with information about you and other doctors along with an introduction of your staff, services and products. All information is updated automatically through the Internet to make it hassle free for your practice.

Who do we serve?

As a fast-growing company, our list of whom we serve is continuously growing. Our list currently includes:

To find out how to get a system in your office

Please call 1-888-841-2237 or e-mail