In Office Marketing Turns Digital For Chiropractors

The CaerVision Chiropractic Network has implemented a strategic partnership with Core Products, International.

Frederick, MD The development of in-office marketing through educational content will assist chiropractors in increasing in-office clinical sales and save time to streamline workflow. CaerVision is a digital media technology company specializing in waiting room networks. All subscribers of the CaerVision Network will now have Core Products resources available to use in their chiropractic offices for the benefit of their patients and staff.

Since 1988, Core Products has worked with healthcare professionals to develop products that assist in the treatment and healing process, from the time an injury occurs through complementing ongoing healthcare and wellness maintenance. On top of that, Core Products has focused on providing exceptional service and education to help health care professionals grow healthy businesses and achieve their sales goals.

A strategic partnership with CaerVision is a natural fit for an overall successful in-office marketing campaign. CaerVision's educational content is delivered via the internet with a unique web-based platform. The professionally produced content is displayed on a 32" LCD flat screen TV and can be easily updated or changed through a digital media controller. Presentations include educational topics, promotions and specific educational ads to match the services for every Chiropractic office and the professional products they recommend.

With a vivid, engaging and compelling message, patients learn all about your practice. Patients are shown the potential of what they can achieve for their healthcare and lifestyles - possibilities they may not have considered before! For more information on the CaerVision Network call 888-841-2237 email or visit them on the web at

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