Programming for All Patient Waiting Areas.

Original Waiting Room Program

Since 2007, CaerVision has developed a 60-segment podiatry-specific video library to help you educate your patients about all the
conditions you treat.

When you subscribe to our standard waiting room program, you will receive:

  • A Digital Media Player & HDMI Cord
  • Monthly Updates to Your Video Loop/Playlist
  • Monthly Updates to Custom Practice Ads
  • Monthly Updates to the Screen News Crawl
  • Ability to Add Your Own Videos to Playlist

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The MyPodPortal tool allows you to have full-time access to our entire video library; plus you can upload your own videos!

When you subscribe to our MyPodPortal, online and/or software program, you will be able to:

  • Access to Our Entire Video Library At All Times
  • Play Single Videos On-Demand
  • Create Multiple Playlists
  • Play Any Playlist from Any Compatible Device Including Computers/Laptops, iPads/Tablets, and Most Smart TVs
  • Upload Your Own Videos to Playlist(s)

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