Direct-to-Patient Communication


The CaerVision Podiatry Network is a unique media outlet that enhances positive relationships with podiatric physicians and industry suppliers. It also allows for direct communication with the end user… the patient.

When you become a corporate partner with the CaerVision Podiatry Network, your messaging will be in a space that yields results… at the point of care.

Viewers of the Podiatry Network: Recall Network Content. Inquire With Their Physician.


Add Your Corporate Video To the CaerVision Podiatry Network Official Video Library.

Every CaerVision Podiatry Network subscriber sees our monthly checklist each month to select their updated video playlist/loop. Your corporate video will also be hyperlinked on that checklist for physician previewing. Stay tuned for our online video checklist where your video will also be featured!

Additionally, we send an email to our entire database letting them know that your video is ready and available in our Network along with a link to preview your video. This helps to create more awareness for you regardless of whether those doctors are currently your customers.

-Yearly Rates. Contact Us for Pricing.

Add Your Message to Key Clients/Practices’ Screens

Determine which of your of your current providers are current CaerVision subscribers. Keep your video in only those specific practices’ playlists each month (based upon practice approval).

-Monthly Rates. Contact Us for Pricing.

Add CaerVision to Your Client/Practice Marketing Tool Kit

Create stronger relationships with your key practices/accounts by adding the CaerVision Podiatry Network to your complete practice marketing toolbox - helping them to dispense more of your product! You can simply refer the CaerVision Podiatry Network to your practices or you can even cover all or a portion of their monthly subscription fees.

-Various Program Rates. Contact Us for Pricing.