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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Videos Get To My Waiting Areas?

If you are subscribed to MyPodPortal, we will provide you a username and password to access all our videos online. We will also send you a link to download our screensaver download. You can then play them your videos and/or playlists on a browser, or you can use your new screensaver function. Talk to your account manager to ensure your devices are compatible.

If you are subscribed to the standard CaerVision Podiatry Network, we will ship you a small digital media player that velcros to the back of your TV. We will also send an HDMI cord to attach the player to your TV. The player connects to your practice internet (wired or wireless). This is how we can send updates to the player each month (new playlist, new advertisements, new newsfeed/ticker).

Do I Have To Install It Myself?

You don't have to, but self-installation is very easy. Once your equipment is shipped to the practice, we will have someone step you through the configuration of your player. If you need someone to install the TV and/or the player, there is a one-time fee of $299. We will send someone to the practice to do a site survey; then we will schedule the final install date. If you'd rather use a local source, we're happy to provide instructions.

Can The Programming Be Used On More Than One TV?

We can use splitters to show the content of a single digital player on multiple TVs, however, the TVs should be relatively close in proximity to one another for effective wiring.

Can I Use CaerVision In My Exam/Treatment Rooms?

You can subscribe for a system in any room. You can run our standard waiting room program in the exam rooms, OR you can utilize our MyPodPortal software/online solution.

Are There Price Breaks For Multiple Locations?

Yes. Depending on the amount of locations and your specific needs, we can work out monthly price breaks. Contact our Senior Director for an accurate quote:

Can I Add My Own Videos or Company Videos To My Playlist?

Send us any video you've created for your practice and we will integrate it into your playlist. For company videos, simply let us know which branded videos you're looking for. We may already have content for that product/service; we have positive relationships with many suppliers in the industry that can provide the content you need.