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What is the CaerVision Digital Media Network?

Caervision is a digital patient education and marketing service that airs specialty-specific programming, a customized video segment created for your specific location, and advertisements for the products you sell or endorse. The programming is delivered via the Internet to our Digital Media Controller (DMC), loops approximately every 30-45 minutes, and is displayed on a high-definition screen in your waiting area.

Okay, but what does it do for me?

Our system helps you accomplish three goals. First, it will help you save time by eliminating the need to repeat the same information multiple times per day. Second, it will help drive consumption of your products and services by raising your patients' awareness of them. Third, you will see an increase in referrals from your existing patient base.

What if I already have a TV in my waiting room?

No problem! We offer a service-only package that will connect our DMC to your existing screen. Most displays are compatible with our system, but please contact your CaerVision representative to ensure proper functionality.

Who installs the system?

Installation is entirely up to you. While we have fairly extensive connections within the installation industry, we understand that each office is different. If you have someone local you would rather use, we'll happily provide them with the necessary installation instructions; otherwise, please feel free to ask us for a recommended installer!

What do I need to have before installation?

You will need sufficient space for a screen, one full outlet (two plugs) for power, and either a nearby Internet jack or access to your office's router.

What about hanging / mounting the screen?

We include a flat mount with our 32" HD LCD screen, which will securely attach the screen to the wall and allow our DMC to mount behind it. Other mounts are available at the client's expense; we highly recommend working with your installer if selecting an alternative.

Can your service run on a wireless connection?

No. Wireless is unfortunately too unreliable and slow; however, our system can plug into an unused port on your existing wireless router.

What customization options are available?

We can create a segment for your locations called a Custom Practice Profile (CPP) at an affordable price. This presentation-style video is entirely focused on your practice, including information about the doctors and staff, special equipment you use, surgeries or treatments you perform, and products you endorse. The goal of this segment is to make your patients ask you targeted questions about your services, rather than forcing you to act as a salesperson.

What sort of patient education do you provide?

Our growing library includes specialty-specific topics covering conditions you treat. Segments are typically 2 to 4 minutes in length, and new topics are added every month to each specialty. Our goal is to better educate your patients for their appointments, making your time with them more productive. You can see some samples on our website:

How long is the contract?

Our Service Agreement runs for a one to three year terms, and renews automatically. If you wish to terminate your subscription, simply mail or fax us a written request to that effect.

What if my system stops working?

Our system comes with a full warranty on our DMC, up to and including replacement, for the life of your contract. Additionally, we can monitor your controller's status through its Internet connection, helping us to provide better technical support. Simply contact us at 888.841.2237, and our technical support team will diagnose the problem and execute a quick resolution.

Can I change the educational topics presented on my screen?

Our network programming staff alters the playlist of educational segments monthly. We create a standard list for each month, but we encourage our doctors to let us know what they would like to see on their screen! Depending on your medical network, customization fees may be charged should you desire custom options.

Can I use the system on multiple screens, such as those in exam rooms?

Yes! We offer an expansion kit to split our DMC's signal to multiple screens. Please contact your CaerVision representative for pricing information.

Is there other content mixed in with the education segments?

Our programming includes professionally produced wellness care segments, along with specialty-specific trivia to help keep patients attention on the screen. Additionally, we are speaking with many manufacturers about advertising on our screens, which will help support programming.

What if I have suggestions for new topics?

Let us know! Please contact us with any programming suggestions; we always welcome your feedback. This is your network, and we strive to show what you want to see.

How do you send me new content?

CaerVision's programming is delivered over the Internet, via our secure server, to your Digital Media Controller. Content is sent after-hours, while your office is closed. The DMC stores your new playlist locally, to avoid hogging your bandwidth and slowing your connection. Updates are delivered to your controller every month.

Do I have to have a separate, dedicated Internet connection for the screen?

No. The screen can share your existing broadband Internet service.

Do I get to keep the provided equipment?

While the DMC remains the property of CaerVision, any purchased screens or other equipment are yours to keep.

What happens if I want to terminate my subscription before the contract lapses?

If you decide to cancel early, there is an early termination fee equal to two months of service. We will notify you at least 60 days before your contract renews, to provide opportunity to cancel if desired.

Can I include my local TV ad?

Yes! If you have any prior footage for a commercial or ad, we can certainly incorporate that into your programming. Please contact us for more information on using prior footage. Additional charges for editing may apply.

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