The CaerVision Anti-Aging Network will dramatically enhance the revenues of your practice while educating, entertaining and relaxing your patients.

The national average wait time to see a physician is 30 minutes. Most patients feel this is wasted time. For you, it is a missed opportunity to help build and increase your practice revenues.


A step above the DVD, with the CaerVision Anti-Aging Network, you choose the educational topics and specific advertising to match the products you recommend with the ability to get monthly updates wirelessly.

This creates a powerful win-win for both you and your patients!

CaerVision Anti-Aging Network educates your patients about services you provide while they wait in the reception area or treatment room.

So you are probably wondering what CaerVision can do for your reception area or treatment room.

The CaerVision Anti-Aging Network delivers an innovative and dynamic broadcast quality presentation to your waiting room.

Your patients will learn about important procedures, services and products offered by your practice that are highly valuable to them and your bottom-line.

Think of it this way. By installing one of our state-of-the-art monitors with CaerVision Anti-Aging Network in your waiting and/or treatment room, you can receive automatic content update to educate your patients on many services, treatments and procedures they may not be aware of; therefore increasing your revenue.

Did you know that your programming loop could be customized for your office? That is right. You can select from our patient education topics to match the services you offer. If you offer a specified service that is not found in our current library of topics, we'll work to accommodate to your needs.

Here is a partial list of anti-aging specific topics that are currently being developed for our high quality video library:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Supplements
  • Wellness care
  • Botox
  • Imagine a salesperson working in the front office 8 hours a day informing every patient for only $5 a day.

    How is this possible? As a specialist, you’re constantly confronted with the dilemma of offering fine products and services for your patients, but how do you market them without becoming the salesperson instead of the doctor?

    CaerVision is here to do that work for you. With our services, you’re building the strength and success of your practice daily. Our practice customization library can include video to create awareness for particular services and products your practice offers; therefore creating awareness and increasing your revenue.

    Being a specialist and human being, you know no one wants to get old. By advertising your anti-aging treatments such as Botox, hormone replacement therapy and hair re-growth products could create interest. Their knowledge and potential interest could lead to important questions and then a potential sale without having to do much of the work.

    That's what CaerVision can do for you.

    "The screen and content paid for itself in just a matter of days. It gives us a cost effective way of informing our patients of the various services and products we offer. it is easy to update and keep current."
    Meg Comer, Office Manager, Sylvana Institute (Frederick, MD)

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