The CaerVision Allergy & Asthma Channel dramatically enhances practice revenue while educating and entertaining patients at the same time.

CaerVision Allergy & Asthma Channel programming is comprised of patient education and marketing segments designed to repurpose a patient's idle waiting time into an engaging learning experience.

While in a waiting or treatment room, patients are educated by CaerVision programming on the latest procedures, products, and medical information relevant to Allergies & Asthma and your practice. The unique - and fully customizable Allergy & Asthma programming provided by CaerVision is displayed on any high-definition television and is updated monthly via the internet.

Providing patients with entertainment magazines in your waiting room won't boost your revenue, but providing patients with CaerVision Allergy & Asthma Channel programming will!



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Here is a partial list of allergy & asthma topics in our growing high quality video library:

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