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CaerVision provides digital media network and content service to healthcare facilities to turn waiting time into educational moments.

Our mission is to improve people's lives through education. CaerVision is the only company that offers a complete suite of turn-key video communication solutions to help offices attract prospective patients and clients while staying connected with current ones. Our solutions feature on-demand streaming, social marketing multimedia, video email and custom educational content delivered to waiting rooms and treatment rooms using the latest technology.

With subsidiaries including New World Technologies and Innovations LLC in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and CaerVision Technology Centers, CaerVision is fast becoming a leading company in providing engaging "Digital Out-Of-Home" video media with effective and measurable business results.

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What is CaerVision?

CaerVision stands for a new Vision for Clinical Advancement Education Resources. CaerVision Corporation currently builds, owns and operates waiting-room and treatment room digital media systems. We provide customizable education and advertising information to patients in physician offices, employees in corporate centers, and customers in business locations.

What do we do?

CaerVision delivers customized health education programming to hundreds of physician offices in North America.

What is our mission?

At CaerVision our mission is to promote health and wellness knowledge. By informing patients and the public on services, procedures and advancements in healthcare fields, CaerVision wants to make a major, positive impact to improve the health of the society.

What do we offer?

CaerVision offers health professionals with the most relevant education programming, delivered through state-of-the-art IP TV platforms directly to each office. The programming is customized for each office and can be updated monthly so information is up-to-date and won't get stale. The programming includes a custom practice profile to provide patients with information about you and other doctors along with an introduction of your staff, services and products. All information is updated automatically through the Internet to make it hassle free for your practice.

Who do we serve?

As a fast-growing company, our list of whom we serve is continuously growing. Our list currently includes:

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